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Out of Paper

By: Ainsleigh


We hit the bottom of the money jar today.

First time in two months.

Personal record.

Maybe we'll get a reward.

Maybe we won't have to pay our rent next month.


Didn't have enough sugar for Josie's cookies today.

We sent bread and jam from yesterday's breakfast instead.

Josie still smiled on her way to school.

It didn't matter to her.

Today was her tenth birthday.

And she was happy to have a school to go to.


I finished my book today.

The one about the sailor.

He goes on a long journey all around the world,

searching for the treasure that will bring him the most happiness.

He finds knowledge.

He finds money.

He finds fame.

He stopped searching and went home,

because that was the best treasure of all.

Today, I went all the way to school and all the way back home.

I dropped the bread on the way to school by accident.

I found gratitude.


I broke my toy airplane today.

It was a mistake, but mommy yelled at me.

Daddy says he made a lot of mistakes before,

so I wonder why can't I?

Mommy says that the air plane was expensive.

Daddy says he'll find a way to pay for a new one.

Sister says she needs a new dress for her school assembly.

I say I can make an airplane out of paper,

even though it won't last very long.

Peer Review

Reviewer Comments

I haven't done much research on eighteenth century tenements, but I think they are extremely poor. However, I might be wrong, so you could confirm my comments through a little bit of research. That said, I think you do a good job of incorporating details and burying interesting themes in the poems. I hope I can read more of your essays. Happy Writing!