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Dinner Party With The Presidents

May 7, 2019

            Today is an interesting day for me because I get to set up a New Year’s party for going into 2020.  The requirement for this historic dinner party is to just invite 3 people from the past or a fictional character from a book to the dinner. I don’t really understand how to do that but, I tried. I entered in the names Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and I even tried to invite a novel character called the Historian to see if that can work. The Historian is an immortal being that is found in Lance Conrad’s books. I decided to have an outdoor barbeque in my backyard. My backyard is very wide but not very long; I don’t think it will be a problem. I have some simple new year’s balloons by the back door and a game of bean bag toss on the lawn. My family has just started playing. They really wanted to be in the party.
            By the time I turn off the grill, finishing the hotdogs, the other three guests will be at least five minutes late. Doubt comes into me. What if they don’t come? What if they don’t want to come? What if I was tricked into inviting people that cannot come? All these questions go through me.
Just then, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln walk around the corner of my house, laughing, talking, and joking. They walk up to me. I don’t know what to say.
            “Hello.” I say nervously. “Welcome to the party.” They both seem distracted by what they see. They seem very curious with their new environment.
            We were still waiting on the historian to show up, but everyone was hungry to eat my slightly over cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, so we started eating. The Historian doesn’t eat food anyway. He is immortal and he doesn’t need to eat. George Washington ate a little more politely than my family, but Abraham Lincoln was eating the most polite out of all of us. For the barbeque, I cooked hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, and I got us Lay’s chips and Dorito’s chips. Hotdogs were almost perfectly cooked on the grill and with the mustard and ketchup on a bun, it tasted pretty good. The hamburgers were a little over cooked, but I don’t think anyone noticed. I didn’t have a hamburger, but I think they like them.
            While we were eating, we had George Washington tell us a story of a place called Valley Forge or something like that. It was actually very interesting. He still seemed distracted about everything he sees that are different.
            After I put the trash in the trash can, I saw the Historian just stroll up to me like he wasn’t late. After greeting him, I lead him to the back with the others.
            “You’re a little late.” I say to start a conversation. It’s starting to get a little dark and the rest of my family went inside. It is almost 7:15 now and the party is almost over.
            “Am I that late?” The Historian asks, “I just went on a little walk on the other side of those mountains.”
            “You mean the mountains behind us?” Abraham Lincoln asks amazed.
“That looks like it can take a whole day.” George Washington says equally amazed.
That doesn’t surprise me too much because he does travel across worlds and when he gets bored of a story, he just walks to another world. The historian knows little about himself. He doesn’t even know his own name. He just lets people call him whatever they want.
            After I tell the others about him, they seem more confused so, I just stop talking. When they ask the Historian himself, he doesn’t know much either. So, Abraham Lincoln just gave up and went with it.
            We can all tell that George Washington still has some questions about the historian, so I had to change the subject.
            “How was the food?” I asked quickly.
            Abraham Lincoln answered first, “It was different. I never had meat mixed with this kind of bread before.”
            “Yes, it had many flavors with the different types of food in it,” George Washington supported talking about the hamburger he ate.
            That was relieving. At least the food was good. We kept talking and we all learned more about each other. I even suggested to play bean bag toss but, that isn’t really the type of game George Washington and Abraham Lincoln wanted to play. So, we just told stories and we had fun and laughed for the next 45 minutes.
            By now I think the party is over and we are all tired.
            I had the three guests leave hoping they got something good out of the party. I know the food was good; everyone enjoyed it. So, I would say this was a successful barbeque dinner party.


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  • TeabagWritings

    Good luck with the competition! However (I may be wrong) I believe it has to be in the form of an essay, not a story. I LOVE your creativity though.

    about 3 years ago