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The U.S. Government is Ignoring the Signs of Climate Change, Putting our Earth at Risk

By: and-peggy

Snow is falling, sweet and soft outside the window. A thin layer coats the ground, enough for you to see a few strands of grass that seemed to have been missed the last time dad mowed the lawn. Each snowflake is different; special, little, and beautiful. It’s the perfect winter day. But don’t you remember? Three years ago today, there was a harsh blizzard. What will happen three years from now? Soon, all the snow will be gone. This is thanks to global warming. The temperature of Earth has increased an average of 0.20 degrees Celsius (32.36 degrees Fahrenheit) every decade since 1975. This could have very severe impacts on our way of life in the next few years. United States governmental policies have had a negative effect on climate change. The general public cannot affect change overnight, but the people who can? Nah, global warming is just “a myth invented by (the) Chinese”.
In 2016, President Obama officially signed the Paris Climate Agreement, in hopes of “...set(ting) the world on a path toward keeping the warming of Earth ‘well below a two-degree Celsius (3.6-degree Fahrenheit) rise above pre-industrial temperatures” (Newsela). A worthy goal, for a world which is polluting the oceans, land, atmosphere, and anything we can get our hands on. The Paris Climate Agreement is an attempt to fix this mess we’ve got ourselves in. “The growing impacts of climate change are extremely serious and require urgent action. Yet the person at the helm of the world’s largest economy is ignoring the science…” (“What are Donald Trump’s policies on climate change and other environmental issues?”). This, of course, is referring to our president of late, Donald J. Trump. Some will argue that he is not ‘ignoring’ global warming, he is just turning to ‘more pressing issues’.  “In withdrawing from the agreement, Trump removed a massive barrier to achieving the 3 percent economic growth rates America is used to” (Loris). The money being used for the construction and advancements of coal mines could be going towards fixing our planet! When our planet is dead, we will have no use for money anyway.
“Trump’s closest energy advisors all have very strong links to either the fossil fuel industry or climate denial outfits,” states the article “What are Donald Trump’s policies on climate change and other environmental issues?” This opens the floor up to mounds of evidence as to why for one, Trump has chosen money over health, and two, why our president is not qualified to represent our country. According to Emma Sarapo in “How the Trump Administration is Accelerating Climate Change”, “The Trump administration has also opened much of America’s coast up for oil drilling, far more than in even the George W. Bush years.” However, our president may have a reason for this: “‘That is what this is all about: bringing back our jobs, binging back our dreams, and making America wealthy again…’” said Trump, quoted in the Newsela article, “This 18-year-old is suing the government over climate change”. Although evidence has shown that offshore drilling is bad for the environment in more than one way, Trump still seems to have his motives. “U.S. output of crude oil is already the highest in the world, above Saudi Arabia and Russia” (Gardner). This is scary to think about, as crude oil is a fossil fuel, and fossil fuels are very bad for the environment.
Our current president is very different then our previous one, Barack Obama. Unlike Trump, Obama showed more motivation towards healing our planet, in stating what he called the Clean Power plan. However, “The order seeks to undo much of former president Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan, announced by President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency in 2015, reduces air pollution from power plants” (Associated Press), making you think our president wants nothing but destruction for our planet, however it isn’t all so black and white. “In 2009 (Trump) was part of a business coalition pressuring President Obama to act swiftly” (“What are Donald Trump’s policies on climate change and other environmental issues?”) So since becoming president, all Trump wants is money?  “... The United States opting out of the deal could have terrible consequences. Leaving the agreement could make the planet a few tenths of a degree Celsius warmer.” (Washington Post). This may be just an opinion, though, as some studies have shown that we “...Have better environmental performance and are economically better off without this unnecessary restraint” (Hayes).
There is many a record of our president ignoring all the signs that point directly to climate change, and reverting instead to other things. It’s clear Trump has no intention of taking climate change seriously. He even said: “‘U.S. actions on climate change will be slowed for the duration of the current administration’…” (Samet). Though Trump has exemplified a change of heart before, so in “What are Donald Trump’s policies on Climate Change and other Environmental Issues?”  he gives the statement that “...his fabled Mexico wall could be covered in solar panels…” meaning our president doesn't support renewable energy resources, but wants to cover his made-up Mexico wall (that Mexico is going to pay for and that apparently has already been built) with solar panels.
United States governmental policies have had a negative effect on climate change. The government has done it’s best to promote fossil fuel usage throughout America, which is exactly the opposite of what should be done to help heal our planet. Though one might argue that the U.S. government is doing what it can to support scientists while struggling to balance economic growth rates at the same time, can this really be true if we use an average of about 19.96 million barrels of petroleum products per day? The U.S. has held a position very close to the top of what country uses the most fossil fuels for a long time. We as a country (and as a world) are killing our planet. It only takes one person to make a difference! So go out and be that person. It can be as simple as turning off the lights when you leave a room, to riding a bicycle instead of driving a car. Maybe even plant a tree! You’d be surprised just what can help.

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This is actually a writing piece I did for school, thought it might be fitting! Hope you like it. :)

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How he explained Donald Trump is causing climate change and destroying our planet.

This is explaining how the U.S government is ignoring the signs of climate change. We should because the climate is a big problem which warms our earth up, and destroys humanity with big natural disaster.

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