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Message to Readers

So honestly? I have no idea

feel the pain seep in your skin, deep down to your soul-or at least try to

August 2, 2019



s k i n d e e p :
i want you to feel
the pain of knives going through you back
and the cool blood trickle down as you stand there
staring back.
i want you to feel
the pain of water filling your lungs
as you drown deeper into the ocean
that was once a small little pond.
i want you to feel
the pain of pepper in your eyes
sprayed suddenly catching you by surprise
and unable to be denied.
i want you to feel
the pain of the heart shattering on the floor
making you realize it was made of glass
and none of the pieces will go back.
'cause perhaps if you felt all these pains, you'd have an idea of mine
s o u l d e e p :
i want you to know
what its like when every idea you originate
turned back around and shoved down your throat
because someone says it sucks.
i want you to know
what its like as reflections of yourself
are no more than the condemning life
since no one truly knows you.
i want you to know
what its like with brick walls too high
for anyone to climb
making loneliness your companion.
i want you to know
what its like to be drained of a soul
leaving you to be an empty body
who believes never to be healed.
'cause perhaps if you know what all this is like, you'd have an idea what I feel

but if you felt these pains and knew these feels

you could never be
h e a l e d


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  • omicron7889

    Oh this is goodddd. The repetition of 'i want you to know' and the format makes it so much like a rant, but the smoothness with which it is delivered removes all abrasive qualities from it being a potential rant. Very very well done

    20 days ago
  • DeepLonelyConfusion

    this is incredible, so eloquent and insightful

    4 months ago
  • asteria

    *earth-shaking applause ensues*
    honestly, i read this out loud, & it sounded like spoken-word poetry, & i love love loved it. please keep writing, queen, & i will keep devouring these words of yours!

    4 months ago