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Chapter 2 of "Clue Me In" (Co-author: Christy.Wisdom)

June 3, 2019



Chapter 2- Jason  

“See you later bro!”  
“Bye, David!”  
While walking toward my bus, a bunch of girls blush nearby and ferociously wave toward me. I wave back gently and mutter under my breath “I can’t wait to get out of here.”  
    Based on my athleticism and “evident charm”, it is really hard to function around this school without being gawked at and stared at or whatever. For years, I have been the perfect representation of the clique “hot jock.” I sigh about the thought. Just as I turn the corner, a petite girl accidentally rams her textbook into me.  
She quickly drops to her knees to collect the book while saying “Oh, sorry!”  
“It’s fine,” I say like a reflex.  
Finally Minnie looks up, with a facial expression full of surprise.  
“What is the problem?” I ask.  
“Nothing. Sorry. Bye,” Minnie says hurriedly with a grin.  
I squint in contemplation.  
Minnie has always been a wild card. She was never like the other girls. Whenever I see her around, she is always with a book in hand, pacing through the pages. I might not know her that well but she seems so… fascinating. But bizarrely, whenever I contemplate Minnie (which I hopefully think I don’t do too often), I get dizzy and see pictures of bright lights and roaring voices, and I quickly think of something else. After the quick bus ride, I arrive at my massive house and hear the sing-song voice of my mother.  
“Hello, Jason!”  
“Hi, Mom.”  
“I got to go to work! I will back in the morning. There is some leftover cake on the table. There is lasagna in the fridge for dinner! Bye,” she hastily says with a kiss on the cheek. Before I could say anything, she is out the door. I sigh. I'm finishing the leftover chocolate cake from one of my dad’s gala’s when my phone rings showing the caller id of “Unknown.”  
“Hello?” I ask.  
“Who is this?” a soft, feminine voice asks on the phone.  
“Who are you?” I ask in return.  
I hear an obvious sigh.  
“Minnie Angelic.”  
I squint again.  
“Wait! Aren’t you the chick that bumped into me like an hour ago?”  
A sharp breath of air was produced over the phone.  
“Why are you calling me? How do you have my number?”  
“The true question is why is your number in the back of my picture frame?”  
“What?” I ask incredulously.  
“My picture frame. I found an index card with your number. How is it there?”  
Suddenly a ding! escaped from my phone.  
“I’ll call you back,” we both say in unison.  
“Hmm,” I say aloud.  
I read the text.  
This is the beginning of an amazing friendship! The truth needs to get out. And you are going to help me.  
Minnie’s number calls back.  
“Jason, why did you hang up on me?”  
“Because I got a text. Sorry, but didn’t you get a-”  
“What did your text say?”  
“What. Did. The. Text. Say.”  
I huff.  
I say it exactly and she hangs up on me.  
I could only say one thing.  
“Oh brother.”


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