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Shadow's Keep

March 17, 2016


What lies beyond the broken seams of reality?
But a desolate world of false solitude.
Is it the paradise we wish to reside in?
Or is it the hell we regret to believe in.
Or is it the light that may expel evil,
The evil within the gaps of life.
With Orbs of distress and rays of malice,
Which may breakthrough the wall of injustice
What is this place of unknown intent?
This land for the damned, the heaven for all souls.
It is the Shadow’s keep, the world of anguish,
Present it’s aura disrupts existence.
It is inevitable to one day take refuge in this shattered land,
Of cutthroat inhabitants, and unhallowed graves.
But what can we do to escape this asylum
Many try and many grovel,
But non escape this guarded prison.
For once you fall into it’s sight,
You are forever severed in ties with its might!


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