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No grammar or spelling stuff please, just maybe some wording issues or format stuff


May 6, 2019


0 is somebody with no hidden layers
1 is a person who just talks to fill the void
2 is a person who would never have a deep conversation but has emotions
3 is someone who can feel love and pain only if it is strong
4 is a person who has one thing that they love and they do it
5 is that person who you know you can talk to, but they can rarely relate
6 is somebody who can relate to common emotions, but nothing that could help you
7 is somebody who's there for you and gets you. But if you push them away, they'll leave
8 is an amazing person who can always know what you're feeling, can relate, and knows how to help
9 is that one person who is always there, can't be pushed away and always helps you. They're always there because they need you as much as you need them, and they can relate to everything you say because of that.


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