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what they say i am

By: weirdo

PROMPT: Open Prompt

i strive 
to be more 
than what 
they say i am, 
to disprove 
the stereotypes. 
don't talk ghetto
my mom tells me, 
them white folks 
will get scared 
wear your nice clothes
my dad says, 
don't want them thinking 
we're broke 
don't get into fights
my older sister warns, 
they take it as a threat 
and try to hurt you like 
they did me 
but from now on 
i talk how i want, 
i dress how i like, 
i fight back. 
and, most importantly, 
i will be me. 
'cause maybe i can't disprove 
the stereotypes 
but i sure as hell 
can be more than them 

Peer Review

Read this.
Not because it's written to be read, read it because you will relate.
Truest for of self-love starts with not only loving yourself for who/what you are.
It starts by accepting where you come from and knowing you are beautiful any which way.

The italics!

The stereotype part is a little confusing, but nevertheless, it's not really that confusing

Reviewer Comments

Love yourself...