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i want to be amazing

By: RavensInkWrites


A letter to my sad self:

If I grow up I want to be amazing. I want to be the type of person who fills a wagon full of miscellaneous wild flowers and visits a cemetery to leave one on every headstone. I want to be the type of person who can pay for the movie tickets of the person ahead of me and the Starbucks for the person behind me in line.
I want to be confident in my body, to wear clothes the don’t cover every inch of skin. I want to be able to pull off floral and fishnets, lace and combat boots. I want to lace flowers in my hair and wear shimmery makeup, and smile like I’m in love.
I want to be brave. i want to do daring things like random road trips and skydiving. I want to be spontaneous enough to go on late night trips to the beach with friends, and dance in fields of flowers with the girl I love.
I want to be in love. I want to be confident enough to flirt with pretty girls and ask them out on dates, even ignore the hateful glares of passerby’s. I want to one day have wedding; maybe wear a suit, maybe wear a dress. I want to make a family feel as loved as I want to be.
I want to succeed. I want to grow up to create something. I want to write, direct, draw, and maybe act a little. I want people to think of me and know I was good at things, because I am.
I want to stay alive for the small things. I want to be able to tell everyone who asks that I’m okay without lying. I want to start a garden full of so many flowers it’s basically a book on botany. I want to see my favorite bands live.

I want to grow up. I want to see everyone around me grow and learn and be happy. I want to die old and say I did good. I know I can.

I was in a dark spot a little while ago and I wrote this which really helped me out of it. I thought I might as well share it. it's not edited or anything so if there is errors please forgive me.

Peer Review

I don't think I can select one part of this letter, to yourself, that really moved me. The last sentence was the icing on the cake. The whole piece moved me because it is a letter to yourself. I have done the same myself many times. Years later I read it and I am in awe in what my younger self had to say to the present version of me. I want you to do the same thing. Write little letters to yourself and wait till you get older and read them.

I want to know what moved you to write this to yourself. If you did start writing letters to yourself before you shared this with other writers, I want to know what made you start writing to yourself. Did someone give you that advice? Or did you simply start writing letters to yourself on your own? I would really love to know.

Reviewer Comments

This was beautiful. Sometimes the best and most beautiful pieces are the ones written during sad and painful times. Those are the pieces that will move eyes to tears and cause hearts to ache.

You, my friend, will be an amazing writer.