I love writing Christian Fiction to Teenagers like me. When I was nine, after reading a book, I decided that I most definitely wanted to write like that author and after that, fell in love with the art.

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May 5, 2019


 I ran through the glass doors, my hair flying. The foot-steps behind me were loud and fast. Frantically I looked around, my throat closing up and my hands sweating. Suddenly I caught sight of a tall figure in the shadows. Dad. I tore down the sidewalk, the streetlights casting warm light in the open spaces of the concrete.
“Dad!” I screamed. I wrapped my hands tightly around his waist as I heard the footsteps slow down and then run off in fear as dad shook his fist angrily at the hunched figure disappearing down the alley. A kidnapper. 
This is my story for day 6 of StoryADay. Keep coming back everyday in May 2019 for more entries! :)


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