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March 17, 2016

    The Washington Redskins are of the most beloved sports teams in history, and yet they face a very serious problem. The Redskins are caught up in a legal case regarding the six registered trademarks of their team's name. The Redskins have chosen not to change their name, despite the multiple impactful and influential people and groups that have requested that they do. The Redskins name has over 80 years of history and tradition tied to it. Changing the name, in my opinion, would be a bad idea
Some Native Americans support the name such as the Chippewa Cree Tribe. Stephen D. Dodson, a native american fan, said, “ The name is not offensive at all, rather it is a term of endearment.” (Sandomir) They find the name to be a positive thing. The Redskins have even released a video named “Redskins is a Powerful Name” in which it shows multiple native americans showing why the approve of the name and why they support the Redskins. In addition, the Redskins logo was even designed by a native american chief and was approved by native multiple american leaders.
The name is also unlikely to change due to business Reasons. Despite the name, the value of the team is still rising and is at about $2.5 billion. A re-brand is a new look or feel that a professional sports team makes for themselves when they feel it's necessary to give their team a fresh new look. However, A re-brand is out of the question according to the owner of the Redskins, Dan Snyder (Sandomir). The Redskins are opposed to changing the name, and the money that they would loose during a re-brand would be harmful to the organization.
Despite all these reasons there is still a demand for the name to be changed. There are hundreds of Native American tribes that have demanded a change. The National Congress of American Indians which has 1.2 million people (Sandomir) is one of the main organizations pushing for the change. Not only they, but also President Obama has asked that they change the name.
The tradition and economic forces behind the name are what makes it unlikely to change, despite the ideas of racism surrounding it. The Redskins name, and organization has over 80 years of history and tradition tied into it. Changing the name, in my opinion, would be a bad idea. The name is important to the sport of football, and I think the name needs to stay the same way, and not change.

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