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Letter to love,unknown. ...

May 5, 2019

You see me,
A mirror, the perfect self 
II reflect
But beneath the silver 
There's a different surface left. 

I am crude and calm 
To you, 
I am just full of charm. 

You  love me  
I know, 
But my core's unloved, 
Which you have not known. 

Beneath the silver 
Lies me, 
By you, unseen. 

Myself,if i'd give to you 
As I am, your love 
You will know 
Is for someone else. 

I can't be a lying self, 
You can't love the truth 
I'd rather not hate, 
But carry the love 
For love's sake. 

To keep the love 
I'd drift away, 
Our love will be memories 
For us 
Unlike the darkest day, 
Shining like the sunshine gay. 


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