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I got inspired by a snippet in a book I read about happiness and peace, so I wrote a similar snippet about different emotions. It makes a fascinating prompt to write to. Hope you like it!

Terror and Hatred

May 5, 2019


 Shock is the first recognizable expression that crosses my face. My mind is sluggish and  I struggle to keep up. Fear shoves past shock and takes control of my head. I am paralyzed with terror and unable to move, and I am frozen, my face contorted in a mask of horror. What are the they doing here? To destroy what little happiness that we could hide away? To take the one thing that we have unbroken, not stolen, and hidden from their horrible ways? It suddenly occurs to me, the look on my friend's face. My heart is in my mouth as I press against the wall. I want to hide but the candle captures me, cornering me in a dim pool of light. They are cruel and efficient and will not stop for a useless girl like me. They do not care that I have a life. It probably never crosses their shallow minds that we even understand our own existence. That we are desperate for peace.  


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