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Online Learning

March 17, 2016

Ian Berger
Karin Hogen
Language and Literature
November 19, 2015
Online Learning
Have you ever wondered why most of the time in school we are still writing on paper with a pencil? Judging by where we are with technology these days, We should be using our chromebooks for a lot more. All classes should use online learning as their main way of teaching.
First, online learning makes learning at your own pace easier. Innosight Institute states that “ Learning is no longer restricted to the pace of an entire classroom of students”[Staker, Heather, and Michael B. Horn. "Classifying K-12 Blended Learning." Innosight Institute (2012)]. In other words, you can work at your own pace easier when learning online. This is true because with a chromebook you can access all of your work anytime anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection of some sort.
Next, it is way easier to have one device with all of your work on it because it is more convenient not having to carry around a bunch of papers. Says "It is not always easy for adolescents to pay attention in class without letting their minds wander, or to ignoredistractions”-12Nov.2015 In other words, it can be hard for kids to concentrate in class.If classes use online learning and use chromebooks, then they have all of their stuff on one screen making it easier to focus on your work. In conclusion, online learning makes it easier to concentrate on your work because everything is in one place.
Now, how are kids supposed to be caught up on modern ways of working if they don’t start in school? ❆❇❉❯▲❲❆❍❊❉✱ ▼✳✱ ◆❆●❨✱ ❩✳❑✳ ❛♥❞ ❇▲❆◆❈❍❆❘❉✱ ❘✳❊✳✱ ✷✵✵✽✳ said “Experiential learning requires more involvement of the student into modern ways of learning”(❆❇❉❯▲❲❆❍❊❉✱ ▼✳✱ ◆❆●❨✱ ❩✳❑✳ ❛♥❞ ❇▲❆◆❈❍❆❘❉✱ ❘✳❊✳✱ ✷✵✵✽✳ ❇❡②♦♥❞ t❤❡ ❡♥❣✐♥❡❡r✐♥❣ ♣❡❞❛❣♦❣②✿ ❡♥❣✐♥❡❡r✐♥❣ t❤❡ ♣❡❞❛❣♦❣②✱ t❤❡ ❣❛♠❡ ♦❢ ❡①♣❡✲ r✐❡♥t✐❛❧ ❧❡❛r♥✐♥❣✳ ■◆✿ Pr♦❝❡❡❞✐♥❣s ♦❢ ❚❤❡ ◆✐♥❡t❡❡♥t❤ ❆♥♥✉❛❧ ❈♦♥❢❡r❡♥❝❡ ♦❢ ❚❤❡ ❆✉str❛❧✐❛♥ ❆ss♦❝✐❛t✐♦♥ ❋♦r ❊♥❣✐♥❡❡r✐♥❣ ❊❞✉❝❛t✐♦♥ ✭❆❛❡❊ ✷✵✵✽✮✱ t♦ ■♥❞✉str② ❛♥❞ ❇❡②♦♥❞✳ ❨❡♣♣♦♦♥✱ ❆✉str❛❧✐❛✱ ✼✲✶✵ ❉❡❝❡♠❜❡r ✷✵✵✽✱ ♣♣✳ ▼✷❆✶). In other words, in order to be involved, kids need to be introduced to new ways of learning. Technology is everywhere today, so if kids aren’t using it in school, they won’t be very experienced once they are out of highschool. In conclusion, It is better for schools to use online learning because kids will be more familiar with the technology that they will soon be using in everyday life.
People may say that more screen time is the last thing kids need these days. As long as it is for an educational purpose, more screen time isn’t a problem. says “Screen time is not all bad for your kids, they can learn a ton”("Research Says Screen Time Can Be Good For Your Kids ..." 2013. 17 Nov. 2015  Kids should be able to learn a ton online because their are a lot of educational things involved with technology. In conclusion, the amount of time spent using the internet doesn’t make a difference if it is for a good purpose.
Finally, online learning Is better than using paper and a pencil. Online learning is better than the traditional ways of learning because when everything is on one device it is easier to be organized and more convenient in general. Online learning also allows for more learning at one’s own pace by having everything be more easily accessible. Online learning also helps by introducing kids to new ways of working and new skills that they most likely will need judging by common jobs today. In conclusion, online learning and using computers in school, is a better way of teaching, learning, and working.



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