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Vaccines for Children

March 21, 2016

                                                                      Vaccines for Children                                 
    Vaccines have prevented more than 2.5 millions deaths each year. This fact from proves that vaccines are very important and have helped save many peoples lives throughout the years(“ How safe are vaccines?”). I believe that vaccines are a useful part of american life today. Some people, however, are afraid of vaccines due to a lack of personal research, as a result they are quick to jump to negative conclusions and make assumptions about vaccines. There are people  that don’t realize the good that vaccines do for our bodies, so they don’t give their children vaccines nor do they get them themselves. Because of this, many people chose to opt out of recommended vaccines for themselves and their children.
What those parents/individuals don’t realize is that there are many credible sources in the world today that prove vaccines don’t cause disabilities. In a recent Los Angeles times newspaper article from October 6, 2015, Melissa Healy reports that researchers vaccinated macaque monkeys with many different vaccines and found that none resulted in brain or behavioral changes that could lead to autism (“Melissa Healy”).
    There are many more sources that prove vaccines are not negative, autism caused by vaccines is just a myth that some people assume is true. In a 2015 article from, it talks about the safety procedures that vaccines have to go through before they can be used by doctors. First, they must be tested by The Food and Drug Administration. The Food and Drug Administration will not allow a vaccine to be used unless it is effective and safe. Once the FDA gives its approval, the vaccine still has a while to go until it can be used. It has to be observed by the centers for disease control and prevention(CDC), the american academy of pediatrics, and the american academy of family physicians.On top of this, the FDA tracks the location and how the vaccines are made and they also track every place that sells a vaccine, and must make sure that the vendors are all licensed (“ vaccine safety: the facts”).
    On the other side of this debate are the people who don’t believe in vaccines. Contrary to the opinion in my previous paragraph, there is an arguement fom that states an opposing opionion. They say that because businesses make so much money from vaccines, it doesn't matter what it is as long as the company/government gets money; that's all they care about. There is also the important point that the government usually sponsors businesses that sell vaccines (“Huff, Ethan A”). I fight back to that statement by saying these people who argue that vaccines should not be used would more likely see eye to eye with the people who do believe vaccines are good if they did more research about the topic. They would find that the process that it takes for a vaccine to be injected a person is not an easy process and it take a long time. Many experts have proven the safety of vaccines and will continue to by finding more facts that can show people how vaccines work.
People who choose not to give themselves or their children vaccines have not only put themselves, but have put everyone else in danger. If an adult or child gets a disease they can easily transmit it to other people, but if they would just get vaccines then the chances of people contracting threatening diseases would drastically decrease.  there is a higher possibility of people not getting life threatening diseases. By choosing to not vaccinate, one is not only putting themselves at risk, but putting innocent people in danger as well.                                          
    Vaccines have helped keep children and adults safe for more than 50 years. In a list of facts that created it stated that most diseases that are preventable by vaccines are now, completely eradicated from our society(“11 facts about vaccines”). They also said that if vaccines were not used, some of the diseases could quickly come back and cause a huge epidemic(“11 facts about vaccines”). Giving your child vaccines doesn't just protect your child, but also protects other children and the lives of humans are very important and should be protected as much as possible. Vaccines are an important part of american life because they protect this country for an epidemic. Vaccines should be taken seriously. If someone is having doubts about how vaccines help, then they should do tons of research and they will sanguinely realize that it is for the best for all to chose to vaccinate.

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