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I am a 17 year old student that aims to pursue a career in screenwriting or writing in the future when I grow up. I especially wish to help those who are depressed

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This is a serious issue that we are facing, i would like everyone to seriously consider this issue has it has to do with us, our future, and our home. We are not alone in this planet, and we should not be behaving like we are the rulers of the planet because we are sharing our home with other life forms. It is not fair that we take away their homes and give no regards to animals and their lives. We are simply unfair beings, but what can we do when we need to survive? But now it is no longer survival we are thinking about, friends. It is about luxury, holidays, and we are taking for granted what we have. Let us take a while to consider the lives of those we sacrifice for our luxurious lives.

Animals and Humans

March 17, 2016

Human welfare should not hold priority over animal welfare, it is an issue that has bothered me constantly for a long time, because people seem to believe that animals aren't as important as humans. This angers be because i am an animal lover, however in this case i will try to take a more civil like approach. I believe that animal welfare should not be forgotten or placed after human welfare, in fact as we are right now, the ecosystem will not be able to continue the abuse of deforestation, poaching, and so on. Therefore, we must now take a stand and give our efforts towards a change. 

The controversial statement that human welfare holds priority over animal welfare has resulted in endless discussions for and against it. I disagree that human welfare holds priority over animal welfare. Welfare is defined as “the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group”, or a “statutory procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need” (Oxford Dictionaries, welfare). Animal welfare similarly refers to the well being of the animals. Societies historically have prioritised humans rather than animals because humans lacked the natural ability for survival and thus needed to prioritise themselves to come up with solutions for survival. The ideology that human welfare should take priority above all, stems from humans for the sake of survival, yet it does not mean that it is necessarily correct or true. Also, with human welfare being placed as the priority, destruction of habitats for human progression and the animals living in these habitats are also being pushed towards extinction, and animals all have the right to live.
Human welfare should not take priority over animal welfare because ‘human welfare should be given priority’ is an ideology that was created by humans, and is not necessarily correct because all life is equal. In our history since the beginning of mankind, humans have been the ones who determined that mankind was to take priority over other species. The notion that humans should be prioritised is a human belief created for the sake of survival in a world where other species are equipped with abilities to easily kill mankind. Although humans are the ones who have made the definition of making mankind the prime species to prioritise above all, it does not necessarily mean that humans are superior to animals in any way. Humans have defined the world through religion, knowledge, education, race and it is through this intelligence that humans possess, that has enabled mankind do this. Mankind has defined the world that puts humans at the top of the food chain, the top of priorities and rights, and has given all humans the dominion over other animal species. What mankind has done throughout history has always been in search for human progress, for the sake of humans. However, at present, humans currently have weapons, housing, and sufficient food, therefore the need to prioritise human welfare over animal welfare is unneeded. In reality, mankind, just like all other life forms, are biological organisms struggling to survive on this planet. As Abraham Lincoln once said,  “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being”, mankind and other species are equal, and therefore animal welfare should now be prioritised over human welfare.
Human welfare should not take priority over animal welfare because all life is equally important and we share the same resources in one big ecological system.  In this world, humans are but one species amongst many thousands of other different species, but humans and animals, as well as other life forms, all rely on the planet’s natural resources to live. Mankind has always been seeking to pursue further development, with the intelligence that exceeds other animals, humans have been able to create a comfortable living environment for themselves and have more than enough means to survive. This intelligence has enabled humans to survive on a planet where animals with deadly physical abilities exist, it is this intelligence that has allowed humans to have the medication to counter the many different life threatening illnesses that can be found, and has allowed humans to ultimately survive. This survival comes at the cost of the environment. Unlike humans, animals have a distinct connection with the environment, taking the needed resources and ultimately giving back as well; for example, sharks help to clean up the sea by consuming dead carcasses, and also controlling population from becoming too populous. To survive, mankind has taken many resources from the environment to create a society safe enough for humans to thrive. This ensures human welfare; the distinct difference between humans and animals is that animals are able to survive without threatening the environment. However humans have progressed to the point that it damages the environment and causes global environmental crisis that affects not just animals and other life forms, but humans as well. Considering the environmental
damage and crisis that humans have caused the earth in exchange for the sole welfare of humans, it now endangers both humans and animals. Simply because mankind has prioritised human welfare over animal welfare and every other life form, crisis such as atomic bombs and the damage to the ozone layers, global warming and other disasters occur. Therefore it is time now that human welfare should not be prioritised over animal welfare.
Human welfare should not be prioritised over animal welfare because it is no longer about survival but rather, for a comfortable lifestyle and meeting the demands. “When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. Each one values his or her life and fights the knife.” (Ingrid Newkirk, Founder of People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals). Throughout mankind’s history of progress, the sacrifice of animals for food and resources has been very prominent in daily lives. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”, Mahatma Gandhi once said. Indeed, animals are very significant to the lives of mankind, however prioritising humans should not come at the price of animal cruelty. Prioritising human welfare has resulted in animal abuse. The demands of the market are precisely why humans place a high importance on profits that can be gained from the animals. The world is trying to meet these demands of consumers globally and this is considered the welfare of human beings. In order to do so, the treatment of the animals could be as cruel as trimming off the chicken’s beak and forcing them to grow quickly to be killed, or force-feeding geese in order to grow the liver to an abnormally large size at an abnormally fast pace for the sake of meeting the demand of humans. The welfare of humans includes ensuring not just the needs of mankind, but that the desires are also met. Perhaps humans have overdone it, because it is no longer about survival but about thriving in this world with a lifestyle of consumerism and excess need.  As such, I disagree that human welfare should be prioritised above animal welfare since it is prominent that the prioritisation of human welfare has resulted in the flagrant abuse of animal welfare and the overall environment.
In conclusion, humans are as equal as other animals as all life is equal and live under the same ecosystem as all other life forms. Humans had once prioritised themselves a long time ago in history in order to survive but at present humans no longer need to do this because mankind has achieved far more than just the ability to survive on this earth, however humans have progressed to the point that it has become harmful to the environment and ecosystem. Also, because of the progression of mankind, it is no longer just the thought of survival that drives humans to prioritise themselves, but the need to have more, to fulfill the desires and needs that every individual has, to live a comfortable lifestyle of commercialism and excess need. 

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