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June 2018

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I wrote this a while ago, but I want to improve it, so if you have any feedback or ideas to improve that would be great. Also I wrote this to the prompt: Kids under 13 shouldn't be on social media, I didn't get to choose whether I disagreed or not. Hope you like it!

Children under 13 should not be on social media

May 3, 2019


Kids under 13 should not be on social media. To this day, it is appalling how many under 13 year olds are on social media, despite the many laws and conditions in place to prevent such things from happening. There are plenty of reasons that they shouldn't be on those websites, such as the many dangers that they may encounter, and that they lack the necessary skills to avoid these threats. In fact, for anyone under the age of 13, to be on social media is against the rules. So they are breaking the policy or terms of use by doing so.
There are many different threats that present themselves when young people are on social media. Cyberbullying, for instance. Different from playground bullying, it goes on behind the closed doors of the online world. Reports show that some parents did not even know that their own child was online or being bullied. In many cases, there can be groups of multiple people bullying another person. Other things to worry about are explicit content. A survey conducted in 2015 discovered that one fifth of kids aged 8 to 13 saw or experienced something that bothered and/or disturbed them while online or on social media. Since it is difficult or impossible to put filters on what will appear on the various and diverse social media platforms, there is a likely chance that young people could, and most likely will, be exposed to inappropriate content.
Another danger is having one's personal details stolen. As younger people are lacking in experience to structure themselves with adequate privacy and security measures, it is somewhat more risky to them.
There is also the threat of online predators. This could mean an older person pretending to be a teenager to befriend children that they otherwise would not be able to contact.
The online world has so many different pages, games and social apps, that inexperienced users might not recognise if something is dangerous or a scam.
There are many games where a single click can lead to a purchase on a credit card.
There are some deceptive individuals  who can lure young or na├»ve users into gambling, making purchases, or to unwittingly give out personal details or photos of sensitive nature.
Other scams can trick them into clicking a link in a fishing email that lead to a virus either taking control of computer, or watching what you do online and stealing your usernames and passwords. The results can be devastating, including having all your money being stolen.
An example of a trick email would be something along  the lines of "Hey there, this is the association of something or other! You have won a prize of one million dollars, just give us your bank details and we'll transfer the money!" Though this trick fools old fogeys more than kids, it is still something to be wary of. Especially if you happen to be an old fogey.
There are so many valuable things that you could be doing with your time. When you make the choice to sit inside and stare at a device of any sort, you are missing out on opportunities to interact in the real world. Our society is becoming more and more disconnected, and depression and suicide rates are higher than ever. It is about time that we turn it all off and get out in the real world. Build something. Help people. Play outside. Stuff around with your friends. Live. This is far more important than you would think. When you think about it, yes, social media can be very useful. It can help you connect with others, has newsfeed, and helps develop relationships with people all around the world. However, everything in moderation. As much as there are many pros of social media, kids under 13 don't need it. There is just no need. So why fake your age, and risk your digital footprint, just to have access to something that is completely unnecessary?
How do you spend your free time? Are you; person A, doing homework, working, or being productive outside? Or, are you; Person B, staring at a screen, pressing buttons and nearly having a heart attack over what people will think about your latest photo? I am here to tell you that there is more to life than social media. Bear in mind the dangers that it conceals, and the many people who abuse their abilities on it. Because when you think about it, there isn't a valid reason for kids under 13 to be on it.                


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  • Charisse Marison

    Very well written and persuasive! I agree, people younger than 13 shouldn't really even have a phone, let alone social media!

    5 months ago
  • bride124

    Very good essay! You should enter it for the Unplugged Op-ed Competition!

    about 1 year ago
  • The Bubbling Pen

    I love your arguments! They are succinct and logical - furthermore, I don't have social media still and I'm a few years older than 13 :)

    about 1 year ago
  • Queenie1357

    A very well written persuasive text. I totally agree with this. Well done!

    about 1 year ago
  • Ryder

    Yes! Thank you for putting this into words!

    about 1 year ago