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You Can’t Count To Ten With Out Two

March 17, 2016

Our country was founded on freedom. The Constitution gave us, and is still giving us rights and laws that we follow. Wrong. Many people are trying to take away our second amendment. The second amendment gives us a right to bear arms. No, it doesn’t allow us to own arms of bears. It allows us to own firearms for protection and recreation, but obviously not to kill innocent people. We as U.S. citizens should have a right a to bear arms, and the Democratic Party shouldn’t be able to take that away from us.
As stated, the second amendment allows U.S citizens to bear weapons. This explains the title, because we need that amendment to preserve the Bill of Rights. Over time, certain types of weapons have been banned such as RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), or any automatic weapon. This rule doesn’t apply to operating members of the U.S army because they need them for active combat.  This is the only time those banned weapons should be used.
Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton said she wants to make firearms illegal in the U.S if she becomes commander in chief. After a shooting incident in San Bernardino, it made      many people think guns were the main reason that all those people died. There is much evidence that states that is, but if the victims of the shooting had weapons for self-protection, many of those people wouldn’t have died. This is because the twenty-two people who were shot would have a chance to shoot back at the two killers. Maybe two others would have got hit, but the rest of the civilians would have a chance to pull out their gun and hit the killers. Unless it’s an action movie like Rush Hour or Lethal Weapon, twenty-two people with guns will usually defeat two other armed people.
Another side to this issue is that even if firearms are banned, it will not change anything. This is because most people who use guns to kill people, will find a way to smuggle them into the U.S. What will eventually happen is that bad people/criminals will have guns, while the responsible people will not have any weapons to defend themselves. This demonstrates that criminals don’t follow the law, and they will illegally smuggle guns into the country.
What can be concluded from these arguments is that we need the second amendment to protect our country. Guns are not the problem; the people with the guns are the problem. If we abolish the second amendment, the death rate might actually increase. Guns should be only for military use, recreational use, (shooting targets, and hunting), and nothing else Sometimes the deadliest things can protect human lives.


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