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Apple vs. The FBI

Apple vs. The FBI

March 17, 2016



                                                                                    Apple vs. The FBI
Throughout America, many people worry about how the government spies on them and a lot do not feel comfortable with their insight. This is an ongoing issue that has been around since the very start. Only around forty two percent of Americans actually approve of this surveillance. This problem is yet occurring again but this time the FBI wants to gain access through a popular phone provider, Apple. The affair with this situation is that a majority of the Americans oppose the government's supervision of it’s citizens but support monitoring the communications of terrorists. Wanting to gain more information and evidence, the FBI is trying to get Apple to hack their own phones to investigate the San Bernardino shooters and I support the FBI’s endeavors.
The Justice Department won a federal judge's order to require Apple to help them by obtaining a search warrant. The problem is that, Apple does not know the terrorists password and everything is erased after 10 incorrect passwords inserts. So, the court wants Apple to create new software that allows the FBI to guess the password an unlimited amount of times. Tim Cook “Essentially hack our own user’s Iphone.” This also goes back to the issue with surveillance that people feel unsafe with having someone “over their shoulder.” Just as the source of the fear of having your conversions listened to, this new watch can be used for good or evil.
Apple has helped law enforcement many times in the past and can help the FBI in the future. Apple is saying that the court is overreaching and misinterpreting laws but, the All Writs Act of 1789, the legal premise the FBI is using, gives courts power to, force companies to cooperate in investigations. The terrorist is linked to ISIS and his phone holds valuable ISIS information. I support the FBI and their endeavors. This data could help gain intelligence on ISIS and its plans in the future. When IOS 8 was announced by Apple, they put in their privacy policy, “our commitment to customer privacy doesn’t stop because of government information requests.” Even though Apple said this, I think that they should give some leeway to their words in this case.
Wanting to gain access to a terrorist’s phone through Apple technology, the FBI is trying to gain intelligence on ISIS. The fear of being watched has been growing as technology advances. Government surveillance scares many people already so what if Apple did it too? The FBI is not breaking or manipulating any laws by doing this. The whole point is only to gain intel on a terrorist. Even though this could be used for good or bad I think that it is a good idea to have Apple have access to all of their phones in case of any criminal activity.

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