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Safety or Privacy?

March 17, 2016

21  March 2016
                                                                            Safety or Privacy?
    In modern times privacy is a big issue that people have been arguing about since the internet began. Apple says “We believe security shouldn’t come at the expense of individual privacy.” And mean that we should be able to be safe while having privacy. I do not think apple should make a backdoor to unlock the encrypted iPhone because hackers could get the backdoor, people could lose their privacy, and it could stop attacks.
    If apple makes a backdoor to get into iPhones then hackers could obtain the backdoor and use it to get people's information. Many people do their banking information on their phone and if hackers could get on their phone they could ruin innocent people's lives. Tim Cook wrote in his letter that there is a need for encryption; he said “People use them (Smartphones) to store an incredible amount of personal information”
    People’s privacy will go away if the backdoor is used. Anyone that has the backdoor can use it for whatever they want. Governments around the world are spying on their citizens even if they are not terrorist suspects.
If apple does create a backdoor then governments could use it to stop terrorist attacks. The backdoor could also stop potential crime if it is used widespread. The if the backdoor sees widespread use everyone's privacy could be gone and no one could hide anything.
    If apple makes a backdoor to get into the iPhone, hackers could use it, personal privacy could be gone but it could save lives. Safety can usually come at the cost of privacy because to be safe governments have to make sure no one is planning to attack anyone. If the backdoor gets made people may have no privacy if governments ask to use it multiple times.

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