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Space Exploration and Travel

March 17, 2016

                                        Space Exploration and Travel
Space is full of the unknown and is, after many years still being explored. The interest in space age began in the late 1950s, which triggered the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA. Space is a very interesting topic, we should want to learn more about it and be offered more to better our education on it.

Space can help us learn more about the air, in the Earth’s atmosphere and beyond. By learning more about the air and oxygen count on different planets. Think about the mission to Mars. We already have technology on Mars, but they are now working on putting a man on Mars. Having a person on Mars can help us get an inside look into how the planet works. We already know so much but we don’t know how it would affect a living, breathing person. The feeling of walking on Mars and feeling the sand would be a great victory for the United States. Learning about space can broaden our minds to endless opportunities.

Space can give us inside look into other life forms. There could be another planet with people just like us, an alternate universe. By exploring space we could find life, water, and other necessary needs to live on a planet. We could find fossils and other types of relics that could open our eyes to new life and resources. It would be so amazing if we could see organisms that have lived and prospered on a planet just like us. "Hundreds of hidden nearby galaxies have been studied for the first time, shedding light on a mysterious gravitational anomaly dubbed the Great Attractor,” this is a significant example of the things we can expand our learning on (UPI Space Daily). Learning about space can broaden our minds to endless opportunities.

Space traveling is very expensive and dangerous. The price to launch one rocket into space is around 500 million dollars. Think about how much your country or continent could do with that money. They could improve roads, neighborhoods, and even crime. Now, the danger may even exceed the price. Taking off in a rocket towards space takes bravery, but once you leave the ground it’s all up to the technology to carry you throughout your journey. Even though this is the twenty-first century and our technology is advanced the repercussions can be drastic. Though it is expensive and very dangerous, the money is worth it and the astronauts are willing to risk their lives to help us improve our knowledge about the outside world.

Space is so large that the finds could be endless. Space has always been so interesting to me. I feel like space equals freedom. Freedom, is one of the only things that are impossible on Earth. I think we need to keep travelling through space because it can help us so much with our planet and with the solar systems beyond us. Space is an amazing thing and we need to keep exploring to fully understand the world we live in.

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