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How is the Presidential Debate of 2016 Different than It’s Ever Been?

March 17, 2016

                                How is the Presidential Debate of 2016 Different than It’s Ever Been?
What is it that makes the presidential debate of 2016 so different from previous debates?
This year's presidential debate so far has been very crazy.
Never before has anyone done something as crazy as wanting to ban muslims from the U.S or build a giant wall to block immigrants from Mexico coming in. Why is it that so many people want that to happen? Is that even allowed? This is the land of the free which means anyone is welcome here.
A lot of people want change in politics. It’s almost as if the debates have turned into a reality tv show. It seems the candidates on the republican side just say bad stuff about each other rather than debate politics. What is it that people like about that?
Do people vote for Trump because he’s funny or do people just want things to be extreme? What get’s Donald Trump so much political power? He has gotten so much power that people are starting riots and physically attacking each other over him. There has never been a candidate like this before. He actually encourages violence. Why do so many people want this?
What is it that makes the presidential debates of 2016 different from the previous debates? Never before in a lifetime has there ever been candidates that just call each other bad names rather than debate politics. Will it be like this forever or will America continue to be the home of the free?
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