Broken like the new China Vase lying on the sheath
Broken like my heart
Broken like my soul

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M working on a booookkkkkkkk...hope i can finish writing this one


May 3, 2019


Life....is an unfaithful  little thing. You can never trust it. Although you've got to live through it no matter what.

As the volume of the television set increased, Lily crumpled down to the floor, shaking uncontrollably. 

"What's the matter?" A voice cried out from the kitchen. Soon enough, two   long legs covered with curly brown hair rushed into the hall, her face livid, her eyes moist. "What's the matter my child ? What's the-"

Her glance fell on the television set, the volume at its highest pitch. With a gasp, she also crumpled to the floor beside her daughter. Her brown hair untangled itself from its bun, and flew wildly around her countenance, as she took hold of her Iphone 6x. 

The volume was silent. On the front screen , a small green symbol could be seen  along with another orange symbol.

Ten Missed calls.

She touched the orange symbol,  her insides  crumbling into a bare solid mass. 

The message window opened. One message from the  Army Headquarters. 

Dear Madam,
                    With  deep regret we inform you, Mrs Sidya Jones  , that your husband , Captain John Jones has left for his heavenly abode on 1st May, 2019. You are requested to visit our Headquarters on 7th May, 2019 and ...."

 Hot water treackled down the brown eyes, as Sidya gaped at the television screen in shock.
At one small corner of the reputed news channel, flashed a small sentence which made her heart shatter into a billion pieces.

'Death of Captain John Jones due to Nuclear Blast in the Rockwood district. Deep Condolences.'


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