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What Comes Next

May 3, 2019

What comes next?  
The question looms in bold thoughts.   
 Distant. But close.  
Close enough to linger on the back of ones mind like a class final hanging off the edge of a pen-stained calendar marking birthdays, piano recitals, and soccer practices.  
What comes next?  
A curveball the captain of the baseball team cannot hit.
A pitch the sterling scholar cannot sing. 
A grade the valedictorian cannot reach.  
A question.  
What comes next? 
They pretend in turn to know 
but they don’t.  
They know nothing.  
Grades, colleges, careers, lives remain a big black question pulling the doubts of a million sub-conscious minds into the highways of thought.  
What comes next?  
The final approaches, high schoolers speeding out of the parking lot on a Friday, and it passes with a tailwind of relief.  
The score matters for a moment in time, and then it fades into the distance like cars racing towards home.  
But one thought lingers  
What comes next? 
The answer to the question comes through millions of tests taken and journeys made.  
What comes next?  
Whatever you choose. 


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