these are my letters
to myself.

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Some more #escapril stuff

27. the state of it all

May 2, 2019



gold flows over me,
in streams; slows, knows the wounds and
cracks; fills the pieces
i lack; holding me
like lacquer; precious waste now
sealing and healing;
the cost of dust and
breathing; he brushes my back
eternity, fills;
he is fleeting; as
imperfection, a story
told in scars; open
the jar, pandora;
earning my keeping; demons
burnished and bruising;
i am both broken
and joining; my beating my own;
never history;
closing, closing, my
point and purpose; pain flows
into everything;
enriches and snares
paper plates, porcelain;
silver is showing;
my absence a part
of the whole.



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1 Comment
  • r|A|i|N

    your rhymes are so clever and meaningful. this is gorgeous.

    over 1 year ago