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Holocaust Denial

March 17, 2016

Holocaust Denial
The Holocaust was a crucial period in time when six million Jews and five million non Jews were killed at the hands of the Nazis. This massacre was serious and many people all around the world are denying that this happened. Denying means to not believe something or to thinks it iss fake. Twelve countries in Europe including Israel have made it a crime if anyone dismisses the Holocaust. Holocaust denial should be abolished, there is lots of evidence that it did happened, and it is brainwashing the younger generation because they are thinking that it did not happen.

    Speaking out by rejecting the Holocaust and saying that it is a myth should be illegal all around the world. In the article, “At Issue: Holocaust Denial,” it says, “ More than a dozen European countries such as Germany and Belgium have criminalized denial of the Holocaust.” This quote is stating that these countries have banned hate speech from the public about the Holocaust. Unlike Europe, the United States of America allows hate speech and denial of the Holocaust. People can speak out against anything in The United States due to freedom of speech. Another country that allows hate speech is Iran.  Aaccording to the Iranian Supreme leader,. “Are the dark ages over,” the supreme leader called his video clip about denying the Holocaust. However, the difference is that this is coming from a dictator who wants to spread hatred of the Jews and Israel. Any hate speech about the Holocaust can be destructive for harmful for the future of the Jews.

    There is so much evidence to prove that the Holocaust was real and actually happened. One piece of evidence is the green number tattoo that most Holocaust survivors have on their arms. This represents that the Nazis branded them like cattle and used a system to keep track of them. Another big piece of evidence are the stories that the survivors tell. These stories are remarkable and no one would ever make them up; however there are people that deny them. Some people that do not like the Jews deny that the Holocaust actually happened which is disgusting. Another form of evidence out the survivors themselves because they have the true stories and testify to the events that occurred. These stories are terrifying and no person should ever go through this in their life. Many of the survivors lost their loved ones get killed right in front of their eyes. They didn’t have any parents or siblings to grow up with, so people need to believe that this massacre happened.

    A lot of the younger children and generations are denying that the Holocaust ever happened because they look up to their parents who don’t believe or don’t believe it themselves. As years keep going on, the survivors keep passing away. The younger kids might not believe the Holocaust as much because in a couple of years most of the Holocaust survivors will not be alive. Many people also do not believe it because the Holocaust will just be in books and movies; the actual people won’t be here. According to, “Holocaust Denied by Students in Rialto School Assignment,” it states, "I believe the event was fake,” said by an eighth grader. Also there are books being written on the topic such as, “The myth of the six million.” Currently there is antisemitism throughout the world right now, especially in Europe and the Middle East (not Israel.) Deniers are taking the opportunity to share their hatred through new ways such as social media. This enables them to send their message out to more people than ever before, especially the younger generation.

    The Holocaust was a horrible time in history and should never be repeated again. Some people today think the Holocaust was a myth and a hoax. Denying the Holocaust should be illegal since there are ample ways to prove that it happened. The younger generation are not believing that it really happened due to propaganda from deniers as well as never having met a survivor. The Holocaust needs to be remembered by everyone and should never be denied.
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