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Just Being Honest

March 19, 2016

   "I'm just being honest."
   First, let me say, lovely. I'm glad you're telling the truth. It's a good practice to keep up. If we all told lies the world would be in shambles.
   Second, that sentence  sounds a lot like you're trying to excuse yourself. From what? Mostly from offending someone for stating the truth plainly. Again, not an issue, plainly told truth can be a good thing.
   Third, if you are telling the factual truth, such as 'stealing is against the law,' or the like, this essay is not directed at you. However, if you're telling your truthful opinion, may I please try to enlighten you?
   Not all the things you think need to be said. If something is plain outright rude or hurtful, for the love of humanity please keep it to yourself. And if you cannot do that, try to phrase it in a way that is not hateful or rude, and at the same time not condescending. It can be difficult, especially is it is on a touchy subject, such as appearance. However, with enough practice I believe it can be done. Do not lose patience and state outright what you think. That would be like bombing the living daylights out of a country when you could've settled the issue with  a conference and not a war.
   Not all the things you think are worth thinking. I'm not suggesting we make thoughtcrime an actual crime, because if we can't be free in our own minds, life would not be worth living. I am suggesting that you become aware of your thoughts. Think about what you are thinking about. You are not right about everything. I am not either. No one is. Now consider this before you let your thoughts in your head tumble out of your mouth. Feel free as daylight to voice your opinions, but let's make sure that opinion is worth hearing.
   Let me also say this is in no way as to paint me as perfect. In fact, I am writing this mostly to myself, because I need a heap of practice with the said things. I'm also not saying we all need to be diplomats, or tiptoe around on eggshells for the fear of offending someone.
   All I'm really asking is to consider common courtesy to your fellow human beings. They all have hearts too you know, no matter how tough they look or how flippant they act. Those said hearts can be cut quite deeply by something you say, even if you did not mean to hurt them. Be careful with your words, they carry more power then you perhaps realize.
   And in the end, all I'm trying to say is this: being honest is a beautiful thing, but not when you use it as an excuse to hurt people.


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