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Social Media and Social Networking

March 17, 2016

Social Networking:
First, social networking and social media help people find jobs, internships, and other opportunities. For example, LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, which specializes in helping its users find job opportunities. Furthermore, more than 175 million people use LindedIn, and the users are in over 200 countries.
According to, 89% of job recruiters have used LinkedIn to hire employees.
A.     One in six job seekers use social media to find their current job
B.     52% of people looking for jobs use Facebook
C. a website that permits people looking for jobs to create a resume on the Internet, that can have video, audio, and a digital career portfolio
D.    In 2013, asked more than 800 employers if they were using or were going to use social networking in order to hire employees. 94% of the job recruiters said that this was the case.
E.     Job recruiters can see peoples’ resumes, in order to see if they have a criminal record, are addicted to illegal substances, are an alcoholic, your previous jobs, and your education.
F.     My mom reached out through Facebook to try and find an internship for me at Marvel using her connections.
Next, social media and social networking are often used to connect users with their friends, even when they are in other parts of the world. In addition, my mom uses Facebook every night to connect with friends and family. Furthermore, many highschoolers at the Weber School use Instagram and Snapchat to talk to one another. The Weber School even has an Instagram account. This type of account, along with accounts on other social media platforms can help keep the students informed, and help the school connect with them on a personal level.
Lastly, social networking and social media allows people to broadcast information about causes they are interested in. This can inspire people to commit to participating in a cause by giving them information that the users would not have necessarily found otherwise. A large event on social media in the year of 20154was the Ice Bucket Challenge, which was created in order to shed light on ALS Disease, and to get people to donate money to research a cure. During the challenge, the participant would dump a bucket of icy water on top of themselves, and challenge others to do so within twenty four hours, or to donate money to the cause. Many celebrities participated in the challenge, and during 2014, Mark Zuckerberg, Jimmy Fallon, and Senator Cory Booker were challenged to participate by Chris Christie. This is a big event, because these are all prominent people in society, and Jimmy Fallon is on a talk show, which millions of people watch. Zuckerberg also dared Bill Gates, as well as the CEO’s of Netflix and Facebook to take the challenge.
G.     Spend less money advertising
I havn't added my citations yet, and I'm somewhat in the outline stage. I am going to add the bullets into the actual paragraphs soon. Thx. Also will you check a lot on if my ideas are good?


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