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Cell Phones in Schools

March 17, 2016

Technology in a school environment can help educate a student in many different ways. The technology students use in the 21st century would be their laptops and cell phones. In some schools, the use of cellphones are banned and prohibited. Cell phone use in school can further students education and the way they learn.
According to the Pew Research Center study, 73% of Advanced Placement teachers said that their students use their cellphones in the classroom to complete their assignments (Higgins). Students are so used to just hop onto their electronic to complete anything in life. From classroom assignments to looking up something on the internet. Most teachers are starting to take advantage of cell phone use in the classroom because they realize that using technology in everyday life isn’t a new idea to students.
A nine-month study done by researchers at Nottingham University found that 14 out of 16 students used their own mobile device in lessons (Clark). One of the teachers in the research said “Using this technology gives them more freedom to express themselves…” Bringing cellphones to every classroom could bring out the best in a student. It could recreate the passion within a student and make them believe in what they desire.
Other studies suggest that test scores in schools with a cellphone ban were 6.41% higher than schools without a ban (Matchan). Test scores are not the most important element when it comes to school. Banning cellphones takes away a student’s social ability and smashes it into the ground. This ban is taking the one piece of freedom they have and throwing it away and not letting them have it.
Cell phones should be allowed in all school classrooms because it can have a major effect on how a student lives and interacts within a lesson. Taking this ban away can help a student get better grades and it can further their education.

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