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Homework: An Unnecessary Evil?

March 17, 2016

    After getting home from a long, stressful day sitting for at least seven hours at a desk, students come home and one would expect to be able to sit down and debrief from the day.  But what are students expected to do instead?  Homework.  Homework is a primary source of stress in many households in the United States.  Lots of precious time is wasted on countless hours of homework, when instead, kids could be doing other things such as hanging out with friends, spending quality time with their families, or relaxing.  Homework causes unnecessary stress, sleep deprivation, and lack of social lives.  As children get older, the amount of homework begins to increase.  The evolution of my homework load from elementary school, to middle school, to high school is drastic.
    In elementary school, I had a very light homework load.  Teachers would assign maybe one worksheet a night, which usually consisted of some sort of coloring or fun activity.  They would pack up our homework in a cute folder that I got to decorate with stickers of my choice.  Homework in elementary school was definitely a far from painful task, but the fact that schools began assigning homework at this young of an age is ridiculous.  No research has ever found a benefit to assigning homework (of any kind or in any amount) in elementary school.  Although it is not an excessive amount, there is still no point to it, so why are they assigning it?  It takes away from the time that young children should have to be able to play with friends, ride their bicycles, and to have fun.  Life should be carefree and stress free in elementary school, kids should not have to worry about completing their homework for the night.
    As I transitioned from elementary school to middle school, not only did my work load increase, but it also became increasingly difficult.  I found that in middle school they assigned us lots of busy work that was tedious and took a long time.  This work had absolutely no point to it. Long nights started to begin. This work was a lot of busy work and took up lots of time for no reason. It did not benefit me in any way shape or form. I wasted countless nights for something that was not worth it and didnt matter for the future.
    High school is a completely different ball game. The work is extremely excessive. Instead of busy work, this stuff counts. It consists of projects, multiple tests per day, quizzes, essays. I think it is ironic that I am sitting here writing this essay, considering i am talkign about excessive homework. I am starting this essay late because i just finished my other homework for my other multiple classes. I have multiple hours in every class which is hard to complete on a nightly ritual.
Overall, homework is pointless. All it does is exhaust children and cause them to become less motivated and passionate. Society would become a lot better and healthier if homework was abolished. There are no studies to show that homework has any correlation with grade improvements or scores on general tests. It really is just a waste of time and not worth it.


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