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Dogs Are People Too!

March 21, 2016

Sami Seiden
Mrs. Corrine S.
21 March, 2016

                                                                            Dogs Are People Too!

For every dog bred, is a shelter dog dead. There are about 7.6 million animals put into shelters each year. Not even half of those get adopted. I blame this on the breeders that refuses to stop breeding litters. I blame this on the people who buy dogs from breeders and not shelters. I blame the people who do not get their dogs fixed or neutered, then let their dogs get pregnant. I think that people should adopt from shelters and not breeders.

    There are so many benefits from buying from a shelter. By adopting from a shelter does not just save the dog you bring home but another one to by making more room available for the puppies on the street. "Every Dog Bred, Is a Shelter Dog Dead." Dr Sarah Skinner. 23 Dec. 2011. Web.  Not only will the most likely be Neutered, but also potty-trained. You will not even have to go through the trouble of raising a puppy if you do not want choose, there is still puppies up for option. Most dogs from shelters are well trained and just the right age. To top it all of rescuing from a pound is a lot less expensive than breeders Every Dog Bred, Is a Shelter Dog Dead." Dr Sarah Skinner. 23 Dec. 2011. WebII.  

    Imagine how it will make you feel when you adopt a dog that has never had a home. By adopting a pet from a pound allows them to taken in more animals on the street. Nothing warms your heart more than saving 2 little doggy lives. I know from experience that having a new member of the family can be the best feeling. I have personally rescued 2 dogs from the shelter and bringing them home that night was on my top 5 best moments ever. Today my dogs Sophie and Charli are some of the most playful, lovable, and sweet dogs i've ever met and i couldn't imagine having any other dogs.

    I know you might want a pretty purebred, but the great thing is that there are purebreds at t
he pound, and so so much more. You might just want to but from a breeder but remember 300-500 Dogs and cats are killed each DAY from shelters. Maguire, Sharon. "Breeders or. Rescues Worldwide Pet Overpopulation Epidemic, Who's at Fault?" Dog Breed Info. Web.  Some people feel as if the dogs at the pound will be too old for their liking but there are puppies too. Last time I was at the pound there was an 11 week old purebred lab puppy.

    In the end buying from a shelter is just as good, even better than buying from a shelter. Not only are you saving millions of dog lives by adopting only one pet from a shelter but it will make you feel so much better after. Everything you look for at a Breeder farm, is at a pound close to you. I believe that people should adopted from shelters and not breeders and help bringing down the overpopulation of strays in our country.



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