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the Things you cannot see

May 1, 2019



There are pieces of you that you cannot see
The way your eyes glint with the reflection of the sun
and the way your voice catches
like silk fabric on a sewing needle
when you’re about to cry
As an outsider,
I observe.
I see the way your gestures become
vague, energetic
when you talk about something you’re interested in.
I can feel the heat of your empathy
when you ask me
“Are you really okay?”
These are the things you cannot see
I spend my time observing, not interacting
a fly in the wall.
In this game we call life
I see it all
The way your hands fidget in your lap when you are anxious,
the way you hope that I notice when your put extra effort into your hairstyle,
the way you look at me as if I’m the brightest light in a sky full of stars.
I notice.
to you I am Jane Doe,
the average girl,
the one you don’t notice.
Even though I see you.
and it saddens me to know
that you’ll never hear this
all these things that I notice
because I am too shy to say it.


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