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Your Body, Your Choice

March 21, 2016

    More than 56 million fetuses have been aborted in the United States, since 1973. The women who got these abortions could have been women who didn’t have the means to have a child and care for it; they could be victims of rape; they could be teenagers in high school, or young adults in college, who made a mistake and are trying to prioritize their education. They could be women who would have died if the baby was carried to term. For many women like these, an abortion is necessary for their sake, along with that of the child. In addition, laws passed against abortion are laws passed against women’s bodies. It is every person's fundamental right to be in control of their own body; abortion should be legal regardless of anyone else’s personal stance on the matter.
    There is currently a bill in recess, the Texas House Bill 2, regarding abortion. The Texas House Bill 2 requires abortion clinics to meet the requirements of ambulatory surgical centers. This bill also requires all doctors providing abortion services to obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals, no farther than 30 miles away from the clinic. At first glance, these regulations may seem like they are really protecting women’s health: many pro-choice people agree with the regulations without taking a deeper look.  However, these laws are trying to create more obstacles for women getting abortions, as if the decision is not hard enough already. An example of a requirement of an ambulatory surgical center: the walls must be 8 feet wide, so two gurneys can pass through at once. In abortion clinics surgery it is rarely even done; normally a pill is taken in the first trimester to abort the fetus. One gurney, if that, is rarely necessary in abortion clinics. As a result of unnecessary regulations like these, abortion clinics all over Texas will be shut down should this bill passes. Bills like these are trying to make it harder and harder for women to get abortions,harder for women to have a say in what is happening with their own bodies, even in cases of rape.
    In 2015, there were more than 700,000 Google searches looking into self-induced abortions. This displays that even with abortion clinics legal in the United States some women are not close enough to a clinic, feel too judged to go to one, or reasons unknown to the general public due to the secrecy that currently accompanies abortion. Some methods of self-induced abortions can end in death;if so many extremely dangerous, self-induced abortions are done with legal clinics, how many will be done if they are shut down? For people who do not agree with abortions, and think that abortions harm or kill children, shutting down clinic will only double the amount of people being harmed and possibly killed. As long as people are getting pregnant, people will be finding ways to get an abortion.
    Many people against abortion say that embryos have a right to their own life, however this statement is flawed. Having a right to your own life means being able to live your life without other people’s beliefs imposed on you; anti-abortion laws do just the opposite. They take away basic rights by allowing other people to be in control of bodies that aren’t their own. People who are against abortion argue that abortion is murder:they say that women are killing children when they could be saving them. With organ donation you have the ability to save another person’s life;without you they may die, but you are allowed to refuse organ donation if you so choose. After all, they are your organs in your body. Why is abortion any different? You have the chance to save a life, but it is your body, and should be your decision.
    As you can see, freedom to choose is necessary in our society. Pregnancy affects people deeply and largely, in an emotional way:t is a life changing experience for most. Something of this significance should not be forced on someone who isn’t ready for it. Imagine a teenage rape victim being forced to carry that child to term. Being reminded of their rape every day for nine months, along with other pain from the pregnancy. An abortion could end this, all before the embryo even has a heartbeat with an abortion. This shouldn’t be the main factor people consider when thinking about shutting down abortion clinics:it’s the fact that it is taking away women’s basic rights of being in charge of their own bodies. If the government is able to pass anti-abortion laws, taking away women’s control over their own bodies, what will be next?

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