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Why You Should not have Donald Trump as President

March 17, 2016

His fame raised even further with the television reality show “The Apprentice”, in which Trump is both host and executive producer. he overcame financial difficulties in the 1990’s through ambitious real estate developments including Trump World Tower, and is a major real estate player in the United States. He is also CEO of Trump Organisation and founded Trump Entertainment, which operates a number of casinos. He is a Republican running for president in the primary election. Trump should not be president because he does not like immigration, thinks of America as a business, and does not want to support gun control.
    Donald Trump has made and said racist comments about Mexicans, Chinese, and Muslims. He doesn't want Mexicans or Chinese people to take over American jobs. He doesn't want Muslims coming either because, he thinks All Muslims are terrorists. When he was talking about Muslims coming into our country, he does not want want them entering our country. He said once, “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life” (“Donald J. Trump Statement On Preventing Muslim Immigration”). That is racial profiling. I think the US should allow Muslims in our country as of now. He has created a temporary, “ban”.
    What he said about the Mexicans is terrible. He states, “The worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government”, and also said, "Sending people that have lots of problems" to America including rapists, drug runners, and other criminals (Walker). He wants to deport 11.3 million undocumented workers (6 million of which are Mexicans) and strip babies born to undocumented immigrants of their birthright citizenship. He focuses mainly about building a bigger and better border wall that separates the US and Mexico. He has caused Mexico’s businesses that are linked with the US to shut down. On national television he has said racist comments that should not have been brought up.
    Instead of adding more restrictions on gun control, he wants to expand access to mental health care. He is a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association). It is important to make guns harder to purchase. We should have increased background checks. Although it's good to expand mental health care, gun laws is my number one priority right now. Guns kill, and cause attacks. Think about school shootings. He imagines a world where regular citizens can buy automatic weapons, where gun owners can hide their weapons in any state, where there are no expanded background checks for gun purchases, and where citizens fight crime with their own assault rifles. The second Amendment states, “The right to bear arms”. He says that all people should have guns and people should have the right to bear arms. He believes everyone should carry their own weapon. He explains that this is another way to, “Fight crime”. This isn't a good idea because robbery and crime rates will go up.
    Now the people who love Trump is mainly because of his tax plan. If his tax plan is successful, people will have more spending money, and businesses will grow. He also wants to create more jobs for Americans. Everyone in America should have a job and not end up on the streets. This will be good because Americans will have more opportunities for jobs, while MExicans and Chinese will stop taking over our jobs. Another reason people love Trump is because he does not allow Muslims into the country. If people want to keep America safe, Muslims must stop coming into the country. This will prevent less terrorist attacks. He also supports Israel.
    My argument is that I'm a democrat. Trump's plans will make America worse. He will make the US more in debt. Many people think it is good to cut taxes, but in my opinion it is not. If we cut taxes, the government will have less spending to create infrastructure. Trump wants to get rid of the government. Trump does not support gun control which is a huge issue in the US. Lots of crimes happen from guns and killings.
    Donald Trump mainly focuses on immigration. If he were president no one would be immigrating to the US. He knows a little bit about presidency. Sure we just say all these lies that will not be true, and people believe them. With Trump, he would lie to get voters on his side. He cares about himself. When he talks, he always says rubbish. People just elect him, because they think that his great business success will make him just become President.

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