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Message to Readers

I would greatly appreciate feedback. Although everything I've written is deeply important to me, this piece is my story. It is something I am sharing here for the first time as I am terrified of how people may react after reading it. Halsey's speech at the 2018 Women's March was my inspiration as is she. Thank you for reading.

My Story

May 1, 2019


Thinking back through my years,
When I was so young and so clean,
So happy and laughing so fucking naive.
The people I’d meet who I’d see on the street,
Who’d yell and who’d scream and who’d “compliment” me,
I thought I was lovely a sight to be seen.
Until I met a boy.

To save him some dignity I’ll say his name’s Troy,
He came in my life and he stole all my joy,
He told me he loved me but treated me poor,
As if I wasn’t a women just simply a toy.
An everyday object for him to destroy.

Fast forward years later when I met a man,
Who held my heart in the palm of his hand.
He was older than me and he played in a band.
But if he was so mature then I don’t understand,
How he could treat me as though I can’t do what he can,
Because I’m only a girl and he is a man.

Fresh out of graduation I’ve finally grown up.
Then I get a text from my high school crush.
He tells me to come over.

I go to his house and we sit on his couch.
Then he asks me what I’m thinking about.
But see I’ve had a few drinks and I can’t really think,
So I try to believe that it’s only a dream.
But when I wake up in his bed with an ache in my head,
And a pain in my thighs that I can’t subside,
What could be the cause?
People tell me I go for the "wrong" guys.

Not too long ago I met a man of a man,
A man so fucking handsome even god would say damn.
So when he walked up to me I couldn’t help but stand,
And stare.
We talked all night long, he even told me about his mom,
But when I kissed him goodnight he asked me what’s wrong,
So I told him I’m tired as the night has been long,
But he didn’t understand.

See he’s the quarterback, the star of the team,
No one would expect him to be so mean,
Which must be why his horrors go so unseen.
As he forced me down and ignored my pleas,
He said “stop crying you owe this to me”,
And finally it hit me.

As the years go by I know nothing will change.
No matter my growth I’ll be treated the same.
So what do I do to keep from going insane?
I paint on my face and smile through the pain.
I try to hold back the thoughts in my brain
About the men whose lives women will turn to flames.
About the men who will cower at the sound of our names.
Because to them it may only be a game.
But we are the victors.

Insp. Halsey’s Speech at the Women’s March 2018


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