L.B. Stoltz

United States of America

I was born into a family where knowledge was valued more than any money, however many of my family members did not quite make it to college. I hope to publish a book so I can pay for my college and be the first person in my family to attend college

Message from Writer

I'm a young female author that's is trying to get my footing in the incredibly wide and wonderful world of writing. I relate to the world best with my ever-growing and changing art. I have a group of primarily visual artist, so it's hard to get attention. I only hope that my writing will be able to inspire others and make them just as happy as any painting. I wish to travel for a chunk of my life and eventually settle down.

Lyrics I Don't Know the Melody For Yet

April 30, 2019


Our Future
I can fuck up both of our lives so don't try too hard sweetheart
I am the one that your daddy tells you to stay away from
Yet I'm at the top of your recents

Depressing Childhood Sheets Blue
If you really loved me, maybe I could call this normal
Save me from the rainy day in my brain

Our Hometown
I still don't know how we ended up in this shit hole
Our parents may have been dumb but that doesn't mean we are

I grow as slowly as a bonsai
yet you're still all over me like ivy

Light Pink Smoothies
You say that this is the end of us
But if we were the start
Why do we have to end our map here?
My friend and I are in the process of writing a album so yeah...we need college tuition and it's what you gotta do


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