L.B. Stoltz

United States

I was born into a family where knowledge was valued more than any money, however many of my family members did not quite make it to college. I hope to publish a book so I can pay for my college and be the first person in my family to attend college

Message from Writer

I'm a young female author that's is trying to get my footing in the incredibly wide and wonderful world of writing. I relate to the world best with my ever-growing and changing art. I have a group of primarily visual artist, so it's hard to get attention. I only hope that my writing will be able to inspire others and make them just as happy as any painting. I wish to travel for a chunk of my life and eventually settle down.

The First Count Up

April 30, 2019


0 chances of survival.
1 reason left to live.
2 people have died in the past year because of ignorance.
3 opportunities for you to show me that you're better
4 hours is all the sleep I get when I think about you
5 people who can change that first sentence.
6 years ago is when we all met
7 days that I despise in a week
8 classes, you aren't in
9 more years till freedom from all my baggage
This is dedicated to my friend group. They never read my shit, but I love them all.
Sammy, Dad,Sue, and even you Gaymon.


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