Gianna H

United States

ophelia ; The Girl

May 24, 2019


shakespeare's hamlet paints a picture of love and loss  
and losing yourself on the way 
but no picture painted has ever been greater 
than ophelia by john everett millais 
The Girl in the river 
drowned, unremembered 
at the hands of her king,
gone insane  
maybe we’ve brought it upon ourselves 
cloaked in the shadows, no stars in sight 
maybe it’s better to hide away in the wings 
instead of being center stage, soaked in spotlights 
theatre is like ballet, but more poetry 
it’s a descent into madness, all the same 
the white swan falling from purity,
like a moth
shot from a flame 

i often think back to ophelia 
her wilting flowers, drenched and soggy 
somebody cared enough to write down her name 
scorned by her lover, no chance to find another
the lost girl in the river, floating away 
shakespeare didn’t write a martyrdom
The Girl died alone,
all in vain. 


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