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The English language is interesting enough, so what happens when we look at the own way we speak?

It's Called A Bubbler

March 22, 2016

PROMPT: Local Tongue

Being a Wisconsinite requires a different form of language. Yes, we speak English, yes people understand what we're saying, but even we have our own slight dialect. Mid-westerners are already notorious for sounding nasally (Heck, even I hear it sometimes) but there is one characteristic that makes us stand out in South Eastern Wisconsin. The word bubbler. If you went anywhere out of state, people would look at you as if you were crazy if you were to ask them, "Excuse me, but is there a bubbler around here?" Most people don't realize that we don't have water fountains. We have bubblers. So next time you hear a person called a "water fountain" a bubbler, it is safe to assume they are from our great old Badger State.


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