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Note to myself


April 30, 2019


This constant call for you to listen.
I need to shut my mouth and listen. Hear the wind rustle leaves, birds call, cars pass, human chatter, laughter, advice. 
So lost in my stubborn belief. How can I accept my mistakes and wrongs if I believe in things so strongly? 
Learn to let go.

Let go.

Let go of the abuse, hurts, lies, bruising.
Forgive him, her, you, them, mom, dad, brother. 

Stop screaming for everyone else to listen and open your own ears. 
Take notes if you must. 

holding on feels safe, because it's all you know, but letting go releases you.
What you hold onto so tightly has become a blade and it's cutting deeper, causing pain. 
Letting go releases you from the pain, the risk. 
Staying is riskier than leaving.

Learn to let go.
Learn to listen. 
You're only hurt as long as you choose to be. 


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