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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

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Kind of a reflection on how high school is just all of us watching each other change, from the outside.


May 12, 2019


Splashing and floundering with nothing to grab a hold of

You're drowning.
I see you, I watch you from the outside.

Outside of your bubble,
your social circle.

No one will be your buoy, your lifeguard. 
All of your friends are downing too, it's like a bunch of kids in swim lessons just got abandoned by the instructors. 

Who will rush in and save you?
I sit, avidly waiting.
Soon you will settle upon the bottom, and then it will be up to you to get out of those waters. 

Perhaps I sound cruel, just sitting, waiting, watching. 
But you see, that's what we all do.
We look from the outside in. 
We watch it all happen as innocent bystanders, because we can't change others actions.

I must sit and watch. 
I watch you change, grow and recede. 

It's called character development. 
We witness it in high school, college, work. Everywhere, because people constantly change. 
When we stop changing, we should worry, 
Why have we stopped?
Why are we stuck?

Why is it so hard to push out the words. 


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