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The Novel Writing Club is a great place for anyone who likes to write novels. (But even those who don't write novels may still join.)

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Novel Writing Club: April '19 Novel Talk

April 29, 2019


Why had the Novel Writing Club been so inactive after their initial post? The thing is that the hostess was horrendously busy, but now, she's back! As the first true post from the club, Novel Talk will just be some stimulating questions about the ideas you have buzzing around your head. We hope to consolidate those ideas into something that you can work with and write from. We read through your forms on the "Join Novel Writing Club!" post and noticed that a few of us (I'm looking at you, paperbird, loveletterstosappho, Anha, and RainAndSonder) have trouble finishing novels.

Writing is hard, and boy, do I have many novels I haven't finished. However, I am hard at work at an epic fantasy novel. I've dragged this novel through mud and snow, NaNoWriMos and Camps, and (I think) it's better off now than before. I began it last year, and here are some questions I asked myself that helped me develop the world. I hope these are helpful for you!

Thinking Questions
Why did your protagonist begin their bad habit? (When did she begin drinking and smoking for fun? Will she ever quit?)
What sorts of creatures live in this world? (What happens when a unicorn crossbreeds with a regular horse?)
How can I write a spin to these love tropes? (How do I bring my protagonist and her love interest on even ground?)
What things do I have to research for my novel? (What are ten ways my protagonist can poison someone?)
What is the creepiest creature you could insert into your novel and still have it make sense? (How evil can this faerie get?)
Feel free to answer these questions for your novel in the comments below!

A Challenge & Potential Reviews
1. What is the one scene you really, really, really want reactions to or feedback for?
2. Post this scene on WtW with #April19NovelWritingChallenge in the title and a 1-sentence summary and genre. (Gods, I'm going to need help on coming up with hashtags haha!).
3. Comment the link of the scene in the comments below with a request for reviews!
4. We won't assign reviews, but we would love it if you're willing to skim the comment list in a few days to review others' works! If somebody reviews your work, consider reviewing their work to acknowledge the effort they spent critiquing for you. If you want to request somebody to review your work, drop a comment on their work and probably some critiques too to let them know you respect their time! (Please only request the people who are on the Reviewer List post.)
5. I may stop in too and help review!
6. Reviewers and those who get their works reviewed, let me know if you reviewed (and who you reviewed) or who reviewed your work, so I can feature these lovely people!


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