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Welcome, One and All... CONTEST!!! #Ashes

By: Cues&Contests


Welcome to the first ever "Welcome to Cues&Contests" contest!!! This contest is open to everyone and anyone who's feeling up to the challenge! This account was just created and is run by another WtW member. If you would like to be a part of Cues&Contest, please read the first published piece, "ABOUT Cues&Contest... CALLING ALL WRITERS!!!" Even though you are encouraged, however, you are not required to join the account to take part in the contest. Okay, now that we're on with the formalities, without further ado... WELCOME ONE AND ALL!!  :DD
Don't forget, keep writing and make it happen!!

THEME: "Out of the ashes, arouse a hero."
I'll let you work with it. Be creative! ;)

STYLE: Poetry, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, whatever you wish! The theme is not required to be in the actual piece, but do incorporate it as best you can and use your imagination to the fullest! 

LIMIT: MAX 1500 words (No minimum)

DUE: June 23th 
Please add #Ashes to your piece and put it in the comments along with the link, it will make things a million times easier :)
There will also be no reviews or comments on the pieces, just a heads up. 

- You may only have one submission
- Looking for creativity, uniqueness, and originality!
- Please keep the language to a minimum
- Besides that, and as I will continue to say, BE CREATIVE!! Dig deep into your writing minds and come up with something powerful, something capturing, something inspiring. And most important of all, have fun! <3

1st Place: 5 reviews of your choice and a shout-out
2nd Place: 3 reviews of your choice and a shout-out
3rd Place: 2 reviews of your choice and a shout-out

There may be more than one winner for each place, depending on the entries I get. 

That's all, folks! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. 
Keep writing and make it happen! <3

- Cues&Contests


Message to Readers

Hey, sorry I've been gone for a while. I thought that I might as well keep going with this contest, as a few of you have worked hard to enter. The DEADLINE is Aug. 26th, so that gives a bit of time to write down those amazing ideas. Thank you! :)

Contest open to everyone, not just Cues&Contests members, though it is encouraged you join. Thank you for coming :)

Peer Review

I am delighted that this contest is going to make the writers bring out the creativity in them

how are the winners going to be informed

Reviewer Comments

It's a gd. way to help writers improve their writing skills