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It all Began With a Breeze~

April 29, 2019


Sweet breezes are like soft whispers against your skin.
So smooth and soothing, nostalgia and a memory all waiting to happen,
All in one simple package.
A breeze.

So many different types of breezes there seem to be.
The kind that sends a shiver down your spine, it's icy breathe feeling so stiff and lifeless.
Sweet cozy kisses of warmth from the breeze in fall, reviving the feeling in your fingers.
And my most favorite of all, the little twinkle and laughter from the kiss of summer,
relieving me of my endless exhaustion form the heat.
Summer breezes are a break.
A moment to step back from the sun and just breath.
Breath in fresh, cool air. 

Time to revive, renew, refresh.
Like a tall glass of water.
It's refreshment in the purest form, no frills attached, simply 

All of this,
So many thoughts,
so much inspiration,
so much cleansing and refreshment,
from a breeze.

It's a miracle what weather can do.
How big of an impact a good breeze can have.
It causes my mind to spin around full of thoughts in wonder and happiness.
It's beautiful. 
Nature itself is an awing thing.

Taking time to sit down and make a big deal about the small things is a big things;
forgetting that is one of the greatest tragedies that can happen to a person. 


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