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To My Future Self

By: Nevermind the History


Say to your self, 
you are beautiful.
Because no one has ever told you that.
No one ever told you that they loved your smile.

But right now, you hate your self,
but when you work on Broadway and are famous
you can say
"I did it"
You pushed forward and made it to your dream job.
And one morning,
you will wake up, married, to the cutest guy, you ever knew.
church will start at 10 am, so you make pancakes, 
and still have time to shower, and do your hair.
When you're done, now its time to get your kids ready.

and guess what.
You made it.
I made it,
We made it.

Message to Readers

How would you make it stronger?

Peer Review

The context in which you detailed dreams and hopes that you fulfilled in the future is actually freaking beautiful.

I would want to know what else you’d have to say to your future self. I love it, and I need more!!!!!

Reviewer Comments

Your username, your bio, and your work are awesome. I’m really glad to have had the privilege of reading this. I hope to read more of your work.