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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

i'm 19 now so i got like half a year left on here. so here's some other places you can find me!
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this is the one where my dreams come true

April 30, 2019


0% says the phone screen, a crack in the corner. I sigh and plug in the charger, then return to staring at the ceiling to wait for eternity to pass.

1 chance to say everything and bare my soul. I've dreamed of this moment; every good outcome and every bad one, tossing back and forth between the two until I get dizzy. What-if paralyzes me with fear. What if I had imagined it? What if this is all just wistful thinking? What if I'm wrong about it? But I've never been one to let fear stop me for long. I know how I feel and that's all I need to gather my courage and wait for your call.

2 hours pass before my phone is fully charged and the ringtone you set blares out. As much as I had been preparing myself for this moment, I still jump out of my skin when it comes. I take a deep breath and answer the call.

3 words was all it took for the call to go quiet. My heart pounds in my chest, drowning out all other sound. I feel as though I'm stuck underwater, waiting for you to reach for me and pull me out into open air.

4 words. I like you too. Your voice is sweet and shy, but I can hear your smile in it and that's all that matters. You like me back, and you're happy.

5 days pass before we're both free for a date. You didn't want to wait and wonder if you choose the right outfit, so you've been texting me back and forth as we try to come up with a coordinated outfit. For all that our taste was the same, we didn't have any of the same clothes. Things were much easier when we would sleep over at each other's houses and share clothes, but it's been years since our last sleepover. Life got busy once we graduated high school, but stuck together despite it all. I send a picture of a patterned dress, and you respond with a multitude of exclamation points and a picture of a blouse with the same print. How could I ever not love you?

6 months later you surprise me with homemade cupcakes. I share them with you and kiss frosting off your lips. I wait until the sun sets before giving you the anniversary gift I made: a mixtape off all your favorite songs that we listen to as we drive through the night. In the brief flashes of light that illuminate you from passing street lights, you look like you belong in a movie; picture perfect and far away from me. But you hold my hand the entire drive and I can't help but think I've used up all my good luck in meeting you.

7 inches of rain in one week keep us from going out on our last spring break as students. We curl up on the couch of our apartment, wondering what will come once we graduate. I dream of far away shores, a small house among tall grass and wildflowers, baking with you under a golden sun. You dream of colorful oceans and a warm sea breeze, dancing with me in the sand. I don't say it, but I dream of matching gold rings on our fingers, and wonder how long you'll have me.

8 years after our first date, and walk hand-in-hand with on a quiet Croatian beach. It took time, and quiet tears and late night calls, but we found our way back together, living in a small house among tall grass and wildflowers, a walk away from the beach where the smell of salt lingers in the air. We talk of nothing and everything and let the waves wash over our feet. My heartbeat is louder than thunder when I reach into my bag and grab hold of the small box. I move to say your name, but when I look, you're down on one knee, pulling a ring out of your pocket with a hopeful light in your eyes. For a moment, I am frozen. Then I laugh and pull out the ring I got you, and press the bands of our rings together.

9 hours until we're both at the altar, saying our vows and promising to be true. We've been together for over a decade, and not once have I ever imagined a world where I didn't love you. The truest promise I ever make, is "I do."


im being real sappy today and wishing i could marry a cute girl and live near a beach and have picnics in fields with her. so here, enjoy having a bunch of feelings :^)


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