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I write on my laptop, I write on my books, I write on my hands. Best of all, I write in my head. Constantly. I'm never not writing. What do you think dreams are? Your brain writing its own stories while you are sleeping.

4 Billion

March 16, 2016


4 billion. That is a huge number. So huge in fact that 4 billion years ago, Earth had only just been formed. Our beautiful planet was a mere toddler compared to it now, crumbling in old age. Still beautiful, 4 billion years bathed in sunlight creating and destroying and rebuilding itself into what we have now. In 1975 there were 4 billion people on earth. 4 billion. Such a huge number. But think of it this way. Break down 4 billion in relevance to minutes. In 4 billion minutes the year will be 9620. Let’s break it down further. 4 billion seconds. There are 3600 seconds in an hour. How quickly does an hour go past? Pretty fast if you aren’t paying attention. Suddenly, 4 billion starts to sound like less and less. In a day there are 86400 seconds. Days fly by. So really, 4 billion isn’t that big of a number. What if I told you, in your lifetime, you won’t even live for 4 billion seconds. A second goes by without you even noticing, you would think there are thousands of seconds in a day, just because you don’t pay attention to them. Life really is short. Just think about how you will only live for around 3 billion seconds. But now let me put it in perspective. You spend 25 years of your life sleeping. You spend 9.1 years of your life watching TV. You will drive for 3.4 years which is enough distance to get you to the moon and back 3 times. Literally. Let’s pretend you live 78 years. You will spend 71 of those years indoors. That is 90% of your life inside.
So, get up, get away from your computer, go outside and enjoy life because its short. And there is nothing we can do but live every second of our 3 billion to the max. Go out into our world, it won’t be here forever and neither will you.


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