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This is our Education

April 27, 2019


I sit in school and watch these kids have a contest.
Every day it feels like.
Whoever can shout what the people want to hear the loudest receives the highest praise.
But when you speak an original thought,
a different opinion,
then you are the outcast.
The hated one.

Not good enough to receive the high score.
If it doesn't fit the mold, or isn't cliche, is it even worth the trouble?
Probably not.

But droning on and on is such a drab.
It makes me want to scream me head off,
gouge out my eyes,
and stuff pencils in my ears.

Is it not enough that I must do it for a grade,
but I also have to do it to receive the respect from my peers?
It feels as if the whole world is against me at times.
I'm so dramatic.

The fake personality I must hold up, so that I do not get hurt is making me feel so weary.
Is it all worth it?
Probably not.

This world - this school- cannot find peace, or middle ground.
It's a constant fight that goes on and on everyday and I'm tired of it.

I'm not playing anymore.
I quit the game.
It's stupid.
Being a drone is not who I am,
I refuse to fall in step.
This constant state of chaos can keep moving around me, but I must stay true to myself and what I believe.
Because if I don't, then who will?


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