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Some thoughts that grew and grew in my head so fast that I couldn't stop writing them down

Growing Within Yourself

April 26, 2019


Do you ever write something, trying to change other people's lives, but you end up changing your own.
Changing your own self, your own ideas, and outlook.
You preach and teach and guide yourself unintentionally.
Your own thoughts and emotions mixture on the page and when it’s all finished you look it over and you change.
Writing it out was the changing process and now,
You’re here.
Renewed and transformed.

It feels strange to become this person, but writing grows your mind and you twist and change within it.
It’s almost as if when your writing style changes and grows, so do you.
This is personal growth.

And this writing is a reflection.
Looking into a mirror of my mind
And I’m happy with how it looks.


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