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My "Fear" of Climate Change

By: udntknwjo

Originally, I was going to submit an entry for all three prompts, but after an email I was faced with the tough decision of picking one topic to quintessentially rant about until I felt my point was validated.

I decided that even though my community resolution proposal would’ve been a good entry, most people would do that. Even if they talked about the effects of climate change, it’d be about polar bears, turtles, pollution and droughts.

Albeit those are hard bargaining topics I knew that my community proposal entry would’ve been just a more opinionated descriptive variation of “ways to fix” that everybody else had. So I’m going to talk about my “fear” of the climate change effecting the world from a human threatening somewhat medicinal standpoint.

Everyday on the news it’s another super storm, supernatural disaster, recurring deadly disease or contamination. Living in the south gives a first hand look at the effects of climate change with the bipolar weather and medical epidemics.

The way I look at it is, if you don’t take care of something it eventually gets worn down and that’s exactly what’s happening. Even though the loss of Artic habitats is sad I’m more concerned about the impact of the melting ice. Although typhoons and tsunamis are a big deal, I’m more concerned about the diseases lurking in the ice will wipe out what’s left of mankind.

Fear and curiosity walk the same plank and being brought up in a family well read in medicinal cause and effect. I had to take interest. My grandmother worked for a highly prestigious infectious disease doctor. I always admired how something so small could be deadly but the method of curing is even better.

So when I heard that climate change could cause the release of deadly incurable (eventually, maybe) diseases that our immune systems aren’t even equipped to attempt to fight, I got more than worried.

I started to question if I would even have kids, and if I did the quality of life this world would be able to provide for them. To be completely honest I wouldn’t be too upset about a “terrible” outcome of it all.

A friend and I were talking about the problems recently and they said, “We’ve poisoned the earth long enough. It’s just taking it’s revenge.” and I couldn’t agree more. I mean what if the premeditated tackling of this disaster doesn’t work? I’m no medical expert but we’ve been medicinally governed down since birth. Our fix all for most infections is antibiotics. What if something unexpected comes and the catch all can’t take care of it?

Think about the Ebola outbreak. Better yet think of any outbreak movie ever made. It applies accurately to what will happen. The government might not be able to contain the people and then what? It only takes one person to incubate and infect.

It’ll be a chain reaction really. The weather will be the first hit taking out people directly in the elements, crops, livestock and possibly homes. Then with the influx of people there’ll be a mental pandemic because of the trauma. Close proximity means more germs. Super bug wiping out a portion of the population. Another mental pandemic and so on and so forth until the earth is dormant of life.

I mean people are worried about sea turtles and polar bears when we’re literally staring death in the face. The safest people might be the antivax kids, but that’s if they survive the diseases we can cure. But as I said it’s pointless to fear the inevitable.

Some people say that “it’s ok because there will be a rebirth”, but honestly I’m not too comfortable with people playing God. I mean say even half the world’s population survives and we can start from scratch with the cloned and modified crops and animals they have frozen off in those bunkers.

In another million and a half years we’ll just ruin in back into oblivion and repeat it all over again. The dinosaurs can die off but humans are too good for that? I’m not saying don’t try to find a solution or give up but I wouldn’t be completely devastated.

My solution for all of this?

Let evolution do it’s thing. Survival of the fittest right?


Message to Readers

I'm not new to the writing game but I've never had people my age critique me. So be nice lol..... but be honest. Please.

Peer Review

I liked your strong personality.

I feel that the essay was lacking the element of informing the reader or compelling them to take action. However, the writer’s beliefs were very direct and the piece was pretty linear.

An expansion on how climate change is causing/influencing disease would be interesting.

You have a strong voice! Keep developing it, and keep sharing your ideas, I like that you are so strong-minded and firm in your ideas!

Reviewer Comments

I would omit the first part of the piece because it seems irrelevant to the rest of the piece, and to the topic.